Latest Stories and Poems

Human Puppy!

Tegan is ready for Atlas to come home so she can help take care of him.

No Matter Where

The best inspiration comes from your experiences and memories.

Aching Feet

Sometimes the best feeling in the world is a pair of aching feet. When I started my new job a couple months ago, I loved being back on my feet so much, I didn’t mind the pain.

Grim Reminders

I can tell I’m starting to get older by the aches and pains.

Having Control

If you look at something long enough, you’re bound to find a connection between it and yourself. But as Dumbledore said, we are defined by the choices we make.

Freedom (Blues Poetry)

I wrote this poem in a hotel room in Amarillo, Texas. At the time I was in mortuary school, while most others my age were out partying and enjoying life. I still don’t feel like I missed much.

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