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So much has happened in the last four years that has revealed Trump’s true character. It has been an absolute nightmare, concluding in what happened at the capital a couple weeks ago. But we finally have a new President, and hopefully Trump will never hold office again.

Empty Noose

There were some shocking and hate-filled images from the riot at the capital, but for me this was the one that really made me angry.


I penned some thoughts in the wake of the Capital riots, and today, as a new president takes office, seems a good day to share them.

Animal Love

I mentioned a teacher that said we couldn’t love anything that wasn’t a human a while back, and there was a response of general disbelief. So I wrote a poem defending our love for animals.


Tegan doesn’t like it when I leave for work, and does everything she can to get me to stay home.


Toby figured out a way to eat and be warm at the same time. It was quite an accomplishment…


Are we simple beings, or do we possess a power beyond our comprehension?


Weather is always changing and always full of wonder.

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